League of Legends Won't Update: How to Fix

Fixing client issues doesn't have to be rocket science with these three easy tips.
Fixing client issues doesn't have to be rocket science with these three easy tips. / Riot Games

League of Legends Won't Update is an annoying error that can plague players at any time.

Client issues can be some of the most frustrating problems in League of Legends for both casual and professional players.

One of the most common client issues involves the client failing to update to the game to the most recent patch. Here's how you can fix the League of Legends client if it won't update.

1. Reinstalll League of Legends

This a go-to solution for most games when they struggle to update to the most recent version. In order to reinstall League of Legends, start by removing the current version from your computer. Then visit the League of Legends website to re-download and install the client as explained in this video from Riot Support.

To see if the solution worked, try opening the client. If the client is functioning properly, it should update and will allow you to join games normally. If not, you may need to check the integrity of the client and repair it.

2. League of Legends Hextech Repair Tool

Created by Riot Games for the express purpose of helping players with routine troubleshooting problems, the Hextech Repair Tool will automatically troubleshoot the problem and recommend a series of solutions, including repairing the client.

You can download the tool on Riot Games' website for League of Legends support. Once downloaded, simply run the tool which will look at the client and create a set of logs than can be sent to Riot Games for further support if the problem is more complex than a bad installation.

3. Use an Executable Patch to Run League of Legends

Often times, using an executable patch can actually be more efficient than running the automatic updates through the buggy client. In order to access the League of Legends patcher, open the League of Legends folder and then click on the Rad sub-folder. This will lead to a drop list with Projects as one of the options, click it.

Then, select lolpatcher and click on the item labeled releases and select deploy. This will lead to the deploy folder where you will see an executable file labeled LoLPatcher.exe which you can run to update the client. Running this patcher should update the game to the latest version of League of Legends.