League of Legends World Championship 2020 Will Take Place Across Six Cities in China

League of Legends World Championship 2020 will take place in China across six different cities according to a report by ESPN.

While Riot Games announced the host location of the next few years at the beginning of 2019, and showcased Shanghai and the Shanghai stadium in a Tweet during the finals, we now know it will be spread across China.

In the interview, Nicolo Laurent, CEO of Riot Games, expressed his excitement for next year, "The big info you gotta know for next year [is] we're going bananas."

This year's worlds was spread out over three cities and the most we've ever seen has been four. Six cities is going to be a spectacle of its own. Surprisingly, the same amount of teams and a consistent timeframe will be kept for the event, so Riot Games isn't expanding the team pool or the one month competition time.

John Needham, global head of League of Legends for Riot Games, explained the plans for next year, "We built a remote broadcast center outside of Shanghai that can handle five simultaneous streams from across China." "So we're going to leverage this infrastructure that Leo [Lin, head of Riot Games China] and Tencent invested in to do the biggest spectacle that you've seen in esports and one of the biggest in sports, frankly."

Riot Games is looking to make the largest live esports event to date and top their opening ceremonies performances from year's past. 2020 is going to be wild.

Photo courtesy of Riot Games