League of Legends Your Shop December 2023: How to Open, When it Expires

Riot Games

League of Legends Your Shop for Dec. 2023 is now live giving players six discounts on skins, all personally randomized.

Your Shop is a special offering for League of Legends players that returns periodically throughout the year. Your Shop is traditionally accessed by clicking on the button atop the client next to the Clash icon. Players who open Your Shop for the first time will be six cards face down. Once players click on each card, specialized skins and discounts for each will appear.

Here's everything you need to know about Your Shop in League of Legends for Dec. 2023.

How to Open League of Legends Your Shop

As mentioned, Your Shop will be highlighted at the top of the League of Legends client when it opens up for the first time. After clicking on it, it will remain there (currently in-between the Winterblessed Event page and the Clash tab) until the promotion expires. Once in the shop, players can click on all six cards to reveal the discounts.

When Does League of Legends Your Shop for Dec. 2023 Expire?

The League of Legends Your Shop offering for Dec. 2023 will expire on Jan. 11 at 12 p.m. ET. At that time, the shop will close and any discounts randomized will disappear until the next Your Shop opens up.

How Are League of Legends Your Shop Offers Determined?

Your Shop offerings are determined at random. Riot Games notes at the bottom of Your Shop that offers only pop up for champions you own. So, players could theoretically try to get better odds at a skin they want for a specific champion, though nothing is guaranated. As well, the discounts determined for each skin are randomized. Players might receive a bigger discount for a certain Epic skin compared to another.

As well, the discounts are only available through Your Shop. Don't try to purchase the skin through the Store expecting the same discount.