League of Legends Your Shop Feb. 2024: How to Claim

Riot Games

League of Legends Your Shop is back this February during the Lunar Revel 2024 event.

Your Shop is a special promotion Riot Games runs in the League of Legends client periodically. Players will notice when Your Shop is back because it appears with a highlighted icon either next to the Clash trophy. Your Shop creates randomized, mystery discounts on League of Legends skins for players. Even better for players, if they see a skin they really like for a champion they've wanted though they don't own them yet, players will receive the champion upon purchase.

Here's how to claim the League of Legends Your Shop offers for Feb. 2024.

League of Legends Your Shop Feb. 2024: How to Claim

As mentioned, players need to log into the League of Legends client and locate the Your Shop icon atop the window. The Your Shop icon will be highlighted when first opening your client placed between the Lunar Revel event and Clash trophy icons.

After clicking on the icon, players will be taken to the Your Shop screen with six tiles to open. Clicking on each tile will reveal a mystery skin and discount for players. Offers posted in a person's Your Shop are unique to that screen only. Players won't be able to find those discounts anywhere else on the client. It's totally possible that players end up with similar skin discounts, though the aforementioned uniqueness of the sale means players won't find it in the traditional Store.

Players will be able to purchase Your Shop offers this time around until Mar. 13. After the listed 14:00 EDT time, players won't be able to access these Your Shop offers again. Players could find the same offer the next time Your Shop pops up in the client, but there's no guarantee.

Head into the League of Legends client now and see what awaits in your personal Your Shop offers.