League of Legends Yuumi Rework: Best ADCs to Pair

Photo courtesy of Riot Games

The League of Legends Yuumi rework will be dropping alongside Patch 13.5 in about a week, and players are already acknowledging the inevitable strength it will have upon release.

Some of the most popular champions to pair with the old Yuumi were Master Yi, Hecarim, and even Garen. With the new Yuumi changes, the champion will be highly encouraged to stick onto her ADC for most of the game because of the Best Friend mechanic that will be implemented. Therefore, many of the jungle carry champions will not be enabled by Yuumi like they were previously.

Since the rework will emphasize ADC players, here are the best champions to pair with Yuumi in bot lane.

League of Legends Yuumi Rework: Best ADCs to Pair

1. Zeri - This champion was already strong with Yuumi, and that will not change with the empowered buffs being added via the Best Friend mechanic. Although Yuumi cannot heal in the same way as before, she can now heal and shield her allies. This makes Zeri a huge partner because Zeri needs those enchanter buffs to unlock her full potential.

2. Ezreal - This has good synergy with Yuumi because it will be able to keep her safe within the laning phase thanks to the elusiveness that exists within his kit. The addition of Yuumi with Ezreal makes it almost impossible to lock him down, and it allows him to deal maximum damage in fights.

3. Jinx - She is getting buffed in Patch 13.5, and the Best Friend component of Yuumi will make hyper-carries return to the ADC role. This means that even Vayne could see benefits of pairing with Yuumi. Jinx is listed because she can synergize her Flame Chompers! (E) alongside Yuumi's ultimate ability. This will immobilize the enemy for a few seconds and allow Jinx to get resets freely in team fights.