Leak Suggests Mario Kart 9 Coming Holiday 2020

Mario Kart leak suggests a new title coming holiday 2020
Mario Kart leak suggests a new title coming holiday 2020 / Nintendo

Prominent leaker Sabi hinted Friday the next installment in the Mario Kart series could be on the way to the Switch and set for a holiday 2020 release date.

Mario Kart 9 Leak Suggests Holiday 2020 Release

Nintendo had previously planned its Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild sequel for the release slot. Sabi said development was taking longer than expected, forcing Nintendo to pivot and release a different "major title" in its place. Mario Kart 9 is the most likely replacement, according to Sabi.

Sabi has a history of accurate leaks. He previously leaked accurate information about various publishers' E3 2019 press conferences and predicted the release of Overwatch Legendary Edition for the Nintendo Switch.

He has since leaked information about an upcoming Metroid title and a Paper Mario game, both set for release in 2020. He underscored the likelihood of the Paper Mario release in another tweet published Friday.

Nintendo has not confirmed the Mario Kart 9 leak and remains silent on the Paper Mario and Metroid leaks.