Leaked Apex Legends Survival Item Aimed at Respawning Teammates

Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

A new leak has previewed the introduction of a possible third survival item, the Remote Banner Recovery. This new item would make the process of retrieving your teammates' banners much easier.

Currently, Apex Legends only has two survival items. The Heat Shield is used outside of the ring to prevent it from doing any damage. The second is the Mobile Respawn Beacon, which does exactly what it says: It is a respawn beacon that you can place anywhere. The Remote Banner Recovery would be the third survival item added to Apex.

Retrieving banners in Apex is currently an extremely dangerous task. One member of the squad must sneak around the enemies to bring their teammates back to life, and surviving isn't guaranteed. Then, once the squad members have respawned, they have nothing but their fists to protect themselves while they scramble to find a weapon.

In his YouTube video, Apex dataminer and YouTuber iLootGames discussed the leaked item. He also mentioned that this item is not definitely going to be added into Apex and there is a possibility the item has been "scrapped." But he later mentions that it is possible that Respawn is simply waiting for the perfect time to release this item.

Details such as the maximum distance that the item would still work and if using the item may alert enemies are unknown. Additionally, how the item would be used is also currently unknown.

Only time will tell if Respawn will actually release this item into the game or if it becomes little more than a memory.