Leaker Says Vanguard to Bring Planes to Warzone

Planes may be coming to Warzone.
Planes may be coming to Warzone. / Photo courtesy of Activision

Call of Duty: Vanguard will bring a new, larger Warzone map complete with player-operated airplanes, according to one leaker.

The leaker in question, Tom Henderson, has a long history of accurate leaks, adding weight to his claims that Vanguard will bring a map that's one-third bigger than Verdansk, and that the expanded size will also bring new vehicles that include planes.

The new map will "completely replace Verdansk and will take us to WW2," Henderson wrote on Twitter on Friday. "It's scheduled to launch on Call of Duty 2021's release date."

"In addition to Wooden Doors that can be destroyed with bullets/grenades, there's also Wooden Floorboards/Hatches that you can shoot through. One example I saw was someone shooting the floorboards to go from the 1st to the ground floor quickly," he said.

Henderson says the new map might also up the number of players per lobby, though he expressed less certainty on that claim.

Many of these changes reflect key features from one of Call of Duty's prime competitors, the Battlefield series. The next Battlefield game, Battlefield 2042, is currently conducting technical tests, and footage has leaked online despite participants having to sign a strict NDA.

Call of Duty: Vanguard still has yet to be officially announced, but rumors suggest that reveal is coming Aug. 19, and teasers have been sent to some Call of Duty influencers. Leaks from earlier this week confirmed the game would have an open beta, though dates haven't been revealed.