Leaks Indicate That MW2's DMZ Mode Will Have 'Intel'


Credible leakers RalphsValve and GhostsHope released on Twitter that Intel may be making an appearance to Modern Warfare 2's highly anticipated DMZ Mode. Intel was a feature initially introduced in 2019's Modern Warfare reboot, and saw a continuation of the campaign through other game modes by having collectables detailing certain plot points from the main game's story.

The leak stated that Intel will be incorporated into DMZ by “Characters, Fronts, and Quests” that carry over from the campaign and will also expand the initial story from the campaign's ending.

Leaks Indicate That MW2's DMZ Mode Will Have 'Intel'

Little is known about the upcoming DMZ mode, but what is confirmed so far is that it will be very realistic, drawing comparisons to games such as PUBG and Escape from Tarkov. DMZ will also be the third standalone mode coming with Modern Warfare 2 with the other being multiplayer and then the campaign.

DMZ is also going to be a battle royale like game mode, but is completely separate from Warzone. Players will have to battle against AI enemies and other players, and anything you take into the game will be lost if you die, meaning that loadout management and resourcing will be major gameplay mechanics.

There's still plenty of mystery surrounding DMZ mode, but with multiple betas on the way, and a fastly approaching Oct. 28 release date more details are sure to come.