Leaks Suggest New Currency Coming to Fortnite

A new currency, the Wad, may be coming to Fortnite.
A new currency, the Wad, may be coming to Fortnite. / Photo by Epic Games

A new currency called Wads may be coming to Fortnite, according to data mining performed by prolific miner HYPEX.

The Wad item will be added to the Fortnite loot pool and discoverable both in stashes and in safes, according to HYPEX. Stash sizes will appear in groups of 25 at the smallest, 100 in a medium stash, 250 in a large stash and 500 in a safe.

What this currency will be used for is unknown. Some Twitter users theorized the currency heralded the return of vending machines, allowing players to buy items at these automated dispensers using currency other than the materials they previously required. HYPEX described this theory as the most likely outcome.

Another theory posits the Wads will be used to buy back dead teammates, incorporating a mechanic from competing battle royale Call of Duty: Warzone.

Epic Games has yet to announce plans for or announce Wads publicly.