LEC 2021 Season Awards Changes Revealed

It is likely that the event will be remote.
It is likely that the event will be remote. / Courtesy of LEC.

The landscape of esports has changed a lot in the last year, and the League of Legends European Championship has also made some alterations. Back in May of 2020, it was announced the summer playoffs would not take place in Sweden due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but now there are even more changes that go beyond the remote format.

Instead of two categories in the "Experts Award," they will now include a third category called "Coaching Team of the Season." Although individual coaches have been recognized in the past, the LEC now wants to recognize entire organizations that assist players behind the scenes.

Fans can now vote as to who gets the "Community All-Pro Team" so they can say what their favored player composition would look like.

These are the main changes we know of that will be made for the 2021 season, but more announcements might come as we approach June.