Legend of Mana Cactus Diaries Explained

Legend of Mana continues a beloved in-game chronicle tradition.
Legend of Mana continues a beloved in-game chronicle tradition. / Square Enix

Legend of Mana continues a beloved in-game chronicle tradition.

Every adventure needs a log of the hero's actions along the way—and what better way to keep that log than through a dedicated character? That's where Li'l Cactus comes in: the keeper of the in-game Cactus Diaries. The Cactus Diaries are simply the diaries entries of the Li'l Cactus character. After every mission, Li'l Cactus will chronicle the exploits of the player in his journal as a diary entry.

Legend of Mana: Cactus Diaries Explained

These entries can be found scribbled on green leaves hung around the upstairs bedroom in the player's Home. In order for Li'l Cactus to write an entry, however, the player must speak to them after the mission. Li'l Cactus will then rush off to write down the events of the mission and his thoughts about them.

There are 67 entries to be written in total. Below, we've listed each one with its corresponding objective:

  1. Niccolo's Business Unusual
  2. The Little Sorcerers
  3. The Wisdom of Gaeus
  4. Where's Putty?
  5. The Lost Princess
  6. Diddle's Letter
  7. Two Torches
  8. Huntin' Du'Cate
  9. The Murmuring Forest
  10. The Gorgon Eye
  11. In Search of Faeries
  12. 'Teatime of Danger
  13. Star-Crossed Lovers
  14. Mine Your Own Business
  15. Pokiehl: Dream Teller
  16. Diddle Kidnapped!?
  17. Heaven's Gate
  18. Daddy's Broom
  19. The Infernal Doll
  20. Diddle Had It!
  21. The Looking-Glass Tower
  22. Two Pearls
  23. The Flame of Hope
  24. Cosmo
  25. Can't Look Back
  26. A Siren's Song
  27. Summer Lovin'
  28. Drowned Dreams
  29. Fluorite
  30. Faeries' Light
  31. The Lucky Clover
  32. Alexandrite
  33. Teardrop Crystal
  34. The Quiet Sea
  35. The Treasure Map
  36. Reach for the Stars
  37. The Dragon Princess
  38. The Guardian of Winds
  39. The Ghost of Nemesis
  40. The Crimson Dragon
  41. The Fallen Emperor
  42. The Blessed Elixir
  43. Seeing Double
  44. The Cage of Dreams
  45. Niccolo's Business Unusual: Part 2
  46. Niccolo's Business Unusual: Part 3
  47. Niccolo's Business Unusual: Part 4
  48. Niccolo Calls It Quits?
  49. Li'l Cactus
  50. Rachel
  51. The Nordic Snowfield
  52. Buried Treasure
  53. Path of the Blacksmith
  54. Enchanted Instruments 101
  55. Golem Go Make 'em
  56. The Mana Orchards
  57. The Monster Corral
  58. Gilbert: School Amour
  59. Gilbert: Resume for Love
  60. Professor Bomb's Lab
  61. Watts Drops the Hammer
  62. The Seven Wisdoms
  63. The Field Trip
  64. Catchin' Lilipeas
  65. Gilbert: Love is Blind
  66. The Wimpy Thugling
  67. Pee-Wee Birdie

Due to the sheer volume of entries needed to complete the journal, players are encouraged to speak to Li'l Cactus whenever they can.