Legendary Tornadus in Pokémon GO: Everything you Need to Know

Photo Courtesy of Pokémon GO on Twitter

Legendary Tornadus in Pokémon GO is back.

For only the second time since the launch of Pokémon Go in 2016, Tornadus, Thundurus, and Landorus are available in raids. The Forest of Nature Trio will rotate as raid bosses throughout March, and up first is Shiny Incarnate Forme Tornadus.

It will be tough to capture him, so here is how to pick up Tornadus while he is available now in Pokémon Go raids.

What Shiny Incarnate Forme Tornadus Looks Like

For those without a kean eye, there aren't many visible differences to spot between this special Tornadus and the normal one. The most noticeable difference is in parts of his body, where certain parts that were once purple look more blue, including his spots, horns, and tail.

It may not be the flashiest change, but this is still the first Shiny Tornadus that has appeared in Pokemon Go. And there are three ways to get him.

Method 1- Raids

You can find Shiny Tornadus in Raids from Saturday, March 9 at 8 am EST through Thursday, March 11 at 8 am EST. Just raiding him won't guarantee you being rewarded with his shiny form, but it is ultimately your best opportunity to get him.

Tornadus has three double weaknesses to exploit as a pure-flying type Pokémon: which include Rock and Electric, so hitting these weaknesses in Tornadus can give you an advantage in the raids.

Method 2- Pokémon Go Battle League

In Season 7 of the GO Battle League, you can also potentially encounter Tornadus. When you reach level 20, you are guaranteed at least one encounter with Tornadus, however, that encounter being his shiny form is not guaranteed. You can still secure an encounter afterward if you win enough battles.

Method 3- Trading

Of course, you can always trade for a Shiny Incarnate Forme Tornadus with another trainer, but the chance of them having a duplicate is unlikely, and the amount you may have to give up in that trade has to be a lot.