Legends of Runeterra 10th Region: What is it?

Photo courtesy of Riot Games

What is the 10th region of Legends of Runeterra? This is a question players have wondered ever since Riot Games announced the existence of the 10th and final region of the game. There's lots of speculation in the player community, but no clear-cut answers.

Riot released Legends of Runeterra with six regions: Demacia, Noxus, Freljord, Ionia, Piltover & Zaun, and Shadow Isles. It then added three more via expansions: Bilgewater, Targon, and Shurima. That leaves one region yet to come, confirmed to be the final region. The problem is, there are three possible contenders for the 10th region, and no one knows which it'll be.

Legends of Runeterra 10th Region: What is it?

The three regions that exist on the League of Legends Universe page but are not yet in Legends of Runeterra include Ixtal, The Void, and Bandle City.

All three regions have at least one champion already released in Legends of Runeterra, only placed into a different region. Ixtal champion Malphite was placed in Targon, Void champion Rek'sai was placed in Shurima and Bandle City champion Teemo was placed in Piltover & Zaun. That makes it even more difficult to guess which one is the 10th region.

Amidst all the speculation going around, a data miner and content creator of Legends of Runeterra, TheSkilledRoy, has made a particularly compelling case regarding what Region 10 will be.

TheSkilledRoy has made several predictions about Runeterra cards and expansions, and so far, his track record has been great. Through his datamining and research, he predicts that Region 10 of Runeterra will be Bandle City.

One piece of evidence he presents is an old version of the Legends of Runeterra logo, which had small engravings on each letter. TheSkilledRoy points out that every letter's engravings correspond to a different region logo on the League of Legends Universe page. The R represents Ionia, the U represents Demacia, and part of Shadow Isles is seen on the horizontal line at the bottom.

Legends of Runeterra logo
Legends of Runeterra logo / Photo courtesy of TheSkilledRoy

Out of the letters, only the N does not yet have a region in Runeterra, and the region it stands for is quite clear: Bandle City, with its signature double leaves.

TheSkilledRoy also mentions that a card originally named "Bandle Guide" during the game's development was later renamed to "Fae Guide". Riot most likely did this to avoid confusion with the upcoming region, Bandle City.

Finally, TheSkilledRoy reveals some of the data-mined assets for dual region cards, coming later to the game. "It would make a lot of sense for the various Yordles who are spread out across the world such as Poppy, Kled, Kennen, and the like, to all be designed as dual-region champions," he said. This would also explain why Teemo and Lulu, who are currently in the game, are not in Bandle City - they can turn into dual-region champions later.

This is one of the most compelling cases made for the identity of the 10th region, but it is not a final answer. We'll only know for sure when the 10th region releases in Patch 2.14.0, confirmed by Riot in the most recent patch notes. Until then, all we can do is wait and speculate.