Legends of Runeterra All-In Fiora Deck Guide

Photo courtesy of Riot Games

In Legends of Runeterra, the League of Legends card game developed by Riot Games, Fiora is a unique champion in that she is a win condition on her own. When she has successfully killed four enemies and survived, you win the game. All-in Fiora is a unique deck where the only unit in the deck is Fiora, and the player relies solely on her win condition to win.

All-in Fiora is a good counter to all the Azir Irelia decks running around in the current patch and can be a blast to play if you love assembling Exodia-like win conditions. This guide will focus on the Freljord-Demacia version of All-in Fiora, and break down how to pilot the deck to victory.

Legends of Runeterra All-In Fiora Deck Guide

Sample Decklist:

  • 3x Fiora
  • 3x Brittle Steel
  • 2x Chain Vest
  • 3x Elixir of Iron
  • 3x Entreat
  • 3x Sharpsight
  • 3x Single Combat
  • 3x Troll Chant
  • 3x Flash Freeze
  • 3x Strafing Strike
  • 2x Take Heart
  • 2x Golden Aegis
  • 3x Stand Alone
  • 2x Concerted Strike
  • 1x Judgment
  • 1x Unyielding Spirit

Since the sole win condition of the deck is Fiora, your first priority is to ensure you have a Fiora in your hand by turn three. You can do this by doing a full mulligan of your opening hand for either Fiora or Entreat, which draws a champion.

The rest of your deck consists of combat tricks - spells that buff an ally or debuff an enemy - to protect your Fiora and help her secure kills. Luckily, there are plenty of those in Freljord and Demacia. When conducting the mulligan, if you already have a copy of Fiora or Entreat, look for cheap buffs like Chain Vest or Elixir of Iron that can help you through the early game where mana is scarce. In slower matchups where your Fiora will face less pressure early on, bigger buffs like Stand Alone or Take Heart will carry you through the game.

Legends of Runeterra Fiora
Photo courtesy of Riot Games

An essential part of playing All-in Fiora is ensuring you can kill enemies quickly before the enemy manages to reach their win condition, which is where spells like Single Combat, Strafing Strike, and Concerted Strike come in. With these spells, you can force multiple favorable battles each turn between your Fiora and your enemy's weaker units, not just when you attack or block. They can also be used to force a battle when the enemy tries to deny your kill using a spell like Retreat or Glimpse Beyond. Try to keep a Single Combat in your hand to use reactively this way.

At the top end of your deck, Unyielding Spirit is a good card to have one copy of, in case you go up against a deck with direct kill spells like Vengeance. Though it may be tempting to use this card proactively, save it to use as a response to your opponent's plays. Judgment is another card to take one or two because it can outright win a game against an unsuspecting opponent. At higher levels of play, you can bluff this card by passing back on a defending turn with eight mana, and your opponent will often be discouraged from attacking.

All-in Fiora is an extremely reactive deck, which means passing initiative, maintaining mana advantage, and saving your combat tricks is key. By forcing your opponent to take action first, you can ensure you have the answer to everything they do and pull off the perfect four-hit combo for Fiora to win you the game.