Legends of Runeterra Beta Opens Jan 24

Legends of Runeterra enters open beta Jan. 24
Legends of Runeterra enters open beta Jan. 24 / Riot Games

Legends of Runeterra, Riot Games' League of Legends-based card game, enters its PC open beta Jan. 24, Riot Games announced Sunday.

Most players will gain access to the game at 2 p.m. ET, but those who pre-register an account before Jan. 20 will get in a full day early. Pre-registered players also include those who played in preview patches or have previously registered accounts. Pre-registration can be performed on the Runeterra website.

The open beta will introduce players to the game's ranked mode in a testing stage. The beta season will run through the beta and end when the full game launches later in 2020.

Beta players will enjoy friends list functionality, the ability to challenge those friends and the first salvo of new boards and guardians. Riot Games has updated more than 20 cards for the beta release.

Beta participants will receive an exclusive Moonstruck Poro Guardian when Legends of Runeterra officially launches.

Riot Games has yet to reveal plans for a mobile beta. Legends of Runeterra has no official release date.