Legends of Runeterra Rise of the Underworlds: 5 New Decks to Try

Photo courtesy of Riot Games

Legends of Runeterra just dropped its newest expansion, Rise of the Underworlds, with 43 new collectible cards and over 40 balance changes, making it the biggest patch in Runeterra history.

The patch aims to completely shake up Runeterra's metagame, and it hasn't disappointed so far. Players are trying out a myriad of new decks and strategies, from competitive to meme-y. Why not try your hand at these five new decks that have emerged since the expansion?

Legends of Runeterra Expansion: 5 New Decks to Try

1. Lurkers

Legends of Runeterra Rek'Sai
Photo courtesy of Riot Games

Sample decklist here. Many players are experimenting with Lurkers, as it is a brand-new archetype brought forth by the two new champions, Pyke and Rek'sai. Lurkers aim to attack with a Lurk card on the top of the deck as often as possible, gradually buffing Lurkers everywhere and building up to an explosive endgame. To do this, you'll need to fill your deck with Lurk cards, and bring some Predict to add consistency. Closeout games with a Pyke board wipe or huge lurkers with Overwhelm.

2. Ekko/Zilean Predict

Legends of Runeterra Ekko
Photo courtesy of Riot Games

Sample decklist here. This is another pair that was clearly meant to be played together, because of their synergy with Predict. Bring lots of Predict cards to level Ekko up, and fill the rest of your deck with cards that want to be predicted - such as Dropboarder, Fallen Feline's Hexite Crystal, or even Khahiri the Returned. Some lists are also experimenting with Chirean Sumpworkers as a win condition. Protecting Ekko will be your main challenge, as he is very fragile.

3. Ezreal Elnuks

Legends of Runeterra Volunteer Elnuk
Photo courtesy of Riot Games

Sample decklist here. This is a deck that you definitely didn't see coming - Elnuks are back, and they're no longer a meme! Use control tools from Freljord and Piltover & Zaun to stall out the game as you fill your deck with Elnuks using Volunteer Elnuk and Practical Perfectionist. Then, drop your Troop of Elnuks for a huge board. You'll typically be playing enough spells to level up Ezreal, so he can help you close out the game, too.

4. Ezreal/Karma combo

Legends of Runeterra Karma
Photo courtesy of Riot Games

Sample decklist here. With buffs to Karma and the Ionia region as a whole, Ezreal/Karma is making a comeback. We saw this deck dominate the metagame in the early months of Runeterra, before Ezreal received his rework. The aim of the deck is to wait until Turn 10 and level up both Ezreal and Karma, and then doubling all your spells with Karma for Ezreal to burst down the opponent's nexus quickly. The deck received some strong tools in Time Trick and 4-mana Will of Ionia, but hopefully, it'll stay in a healthier spot.

5. Atakhan, Bringer of Ruin

Legends of Runeterra Atakhan, Bringer of Ruin
Photo courtesy of Riot Games

Sample decklist here. Noxus received a huge finisher this patch - Atakhan, Bringer of Ruin, a 10-mana Overwhelm unit that grants itself Power equal to the total Power of all allies. The card is simply so epic that it's a must-try. The game plan of the deck is simple: stall out the game with your Shadow Isles control tools, until you can summon a copy of Atakhan with Spectral Matron on Turn 8. Different lists are running different champions, but Kindred is a great pick that helps you clear out the enemy board as you stall.