Let Me Solo Her Elden Ring: Mod Creates Spirit Summon of Legendary Player

Let Me Solo Her stands before their fallen foe.
Let Me Solo Her stands before their fallen foe. / Photo courtesy of FromSoftware/Reddit user u/KleinTsuboiOW

In Elden Ring, players have always had the ability to summon cooperators to their world to help them take down challenging bosses. Recently, a hero, Let Me Solo Her, was found. This player has been summoned into worlds to kill Malenia, Elden Ring's hardest boss, with two swords, one pot on their head, and no clothes. Since rocketing to fame within the Elden Ring community around a week ago, Let Me Solo Her has been the summon that everyone has been looking for when they need a boost killing Malenia.

Unfortunately, Let Me Solo Her is just one player, and as powerful as they are in taking down the bosses of Elden Ring, they can't be everywhere at once. Tarnished who find themselves stuck have to leave it to luck when it comes to player summons, and hope their savior will arrive.

Fortunately, modder Garden of Eyes has developed a mod that allows Let Me Solo Her to be readily available, as a spirit summon.

Let Me Solo Her Elden Ring Spirit Summon Mod

In a recent YouTube video, Garden of Eyes demonstrated their Let Me Solo Her mod. A player enters Malenia's boss room and uses the modded spirit summon to bring forth Let Me Solo Her. The summon is just as good as the real thing, with the player standing by and watching their summon quickly take out large portions of the boss' health, while deftly rolling away from any attacks headed their way.

Additionally, you can bring Let Me Solo Her with you to any boss you need help with, as the latter half of the video shows the player doing just that.

The mod swaps out the Lone Wolf Ashes for Let Me Solo Her, and is available for download from the link in the video's description. Good hunting, Tarnished.