Lickilicky Pokemon GO: How to Catch

Lickilicky from the Pokémon anime.
Lickilicky from the Pokémon anime. / The Pokémon Company via Bulbapedia

Lickilicky Pokemon GO is a character we rarely see in beyond when its pre-evolved form, Lickitung, spawns.

This normal-type first made its debut in generation IV along with several other "missing" evolutions for standalone Pokemon. Since then, it's become a much beloved addition to the stranger side of creatures in the franchise. players have often wondered how exactly to acquire a Lickilicky and add it to their team.

Fortunately, with the recent Valentine's Day event, this has become simpler than ever.

Lickilicky Pokemon GO: How to Catch

Unfortunately, there isn't a true way to catch Lickilicky that differs from the standard strategy of being in the right place and getting lucky. With the Valentine's Day event, however, it is possible to catch yourself a Lickitung—or several—and earn your evolution that way.

Lickitung takes over the raid sphere during this event and you get double the candies for catching it after your battle. The key to winning is the same as any normal Pokemon, as Lickitung, itself, isn't very strong in a PvE setting. Rely on fighting moves and you should be fine. It may even be possible to solo this Pokemon and take it down completely on your own.

Evolving Lickitung into Lickilicky will take 100 candies and a Sinnoh stone. Once evolved, we recommend taking your Lickilicky to the Ultra League. It's true power shines through there with moves like "Lick", "Hyper Beam", and "Earthquake."