Lickitung Pokemon GO: How to Catch

The lovely Lickitung
The lovely Lickitung / The Pokémon Company via Niantic Labs

Lickitung Pokemon GO Day is here again with the Valentine's Day event.

On Feb. 15, from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. this Pokemon took over every raid in sight. Seeing one atop every gym provided a pink wave to nearly every city in the nation—stretching for miles. Luckily, this made Lickitung a pretty easy catch for trainers looking to collect this strange yet well-loved Pokemon for their own.

Here's everything you need to know to be one of them.

Lickitung Pokemon GO: How to Catch

Catching Lickitung is fairly straightforward. On an average day, Lickitung tends to be a rare spawn. It's common to go days or even weeks at a time without a sighting. It enjoys partly cloudy weather and typically can be encountered from level 15 onward.

During the event, Lickitung took over raids, and was able to be caught after battle. Taking down Lickitung can be difficult, but ultimately rewarding as its evolved form, Lickilicky, does well in League PvP content. Camping raids is currently your best bet to encounter this Pokemon during this time.

Raiding a Lickitung requires a handful of good fighting-types and a pinch of luck. Fighting-type moves are strong against normal-type Pokemon. Once the battle is over, you'll have to throw your premier balls and pray.

Lickitung captures rewarded double the candy during the event. Therefore, those ultimately looking to gain a Lickilicky from the experience would have an easy time.

Additionally, as with most featured Pokemon events, catching a shiny Lickitung remains a boosted possibility.