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Licorice Will Take Week-Long Break Due to Wrist Injury

Eric "Licorice" Ritchie will take a week off of playing due to wrist injury. He shared the news in a TwitLonger.

Licorice has had a rather strong League of Legends season and looked like the strongest piece on the Cloud9 roster before Rift Rivals where Licorice and Cloud9 were dismantled by the European teams.

Licorice explained, "...about 4 weeks ago the pain started getting worse and more consistent and my practice started to suffer... Initially I didn't want to play in the tournament since it doesn't affect our regular season/playoffs standing but by the time I brought it up to my team our roster was already sent in and we couldn't change it before the event. So I ended up playing in Rift Rivals and for those of you who didn't watch it (please don't lol), we got smashed."

Since then, he's found a specialist and has a plan in place to recover. For now, he'll take the week off and rejoin practice the following week.

Photo courtesy of lolesports flickr