Lies of P Best Combat Style

Here's the best Lies of P combat style.
Here's the best Lies of P combat style. / Neowiz Games

To survive Krat, you will need the best Lies of P combat style.

The enemies in Lies of P are no joke. Combat gets very frustrating very quickly, especially without the best combat style equipped. Choosing which path to start on is just the first of many choices throughout the game. With three solid options and starting weapons, the decision is more complicated than you might think.

So, which combat style is the best in the game?

All Lies of P Combat Styles Explained

There are three Lies of P combat styles to choose from at the start of your journey in Krat.

Path of the Cricket

The Path of the Cricket offers the balanced Puppet Saber sword as your starting weapon. The combat style gives both speed and strength without focusing too much on one or the other. In turn, there is no bonus at the start.

Path of the Bastard

The Path of the Bastard is all about speed. The style allows players to quickly deliver damage with Technique weapons, like the Wintry Rapier sword. The style also offers the highest Stamina, giving players more energy to fight and sprint. The main drawback, though, is the class's low starting HP.

Path of the Sweeper

The Path of the Sweeper favors heavy swings and strength. The starting weapon, the Greatsword of Fate, delivers high damage blows that are more effective against opponents than the other two options. You might get the highest HP, but you will also have low stamina.

Lies of P Best Combat Style

The Lies of P best combat style for a majority of players is the Path of the Cricket. The style offers the best balance and flexibility of the three options, especially for beginners. Instead of focusing too much on one stat, Path of the Cricket gives players both speed and strength.

Those looking for a more focused combat style can choose between the speed of Path of the Bastard or the strength of Path of the Sweeper. Be mindful of the drawbacks, though.