Life During Wartime: Cyberpunk 2077 Quest Guide

"Life During Wartime" in Cyberpunk 2077 is one of the main quests players will encounter from the game.
"Life During Wartime" in Cyberpunk 2077 is one of the main quests players will encounter from the game. / CD Projekt Red

"Life During Wartime" in Cyberpunk 2077 is one of the main quests players will encounter from the game.

While V works to honor their contract and uncover their targeted Cyberware which supposedly holds the key to all immortality, they go on several intricate quests and meet a detailed cast of characters. "Life During Wartime" is one such main job, available to any lifepath. It comes on the heels of "Lightning Breaks" and after "Gimme Danger." During this quest, players will be taken to the Outskirts.

Life During Wartime: Cyberpunk 2077 Quest Guide

The quest will begin while V is still in Panam's car. They'll need to pull their weight by taking out the drones with the turret accessible via the car's terminal. Don't worry about malfunctions—Panam's got it. Once at the crash site, activate the terminal again to do a bit of scouting. It will help to locate other drones, civilians of Aldecalos, and the placement of the Kang Tao soliders while V scans the area for Mitch. Feel free to stay as long as needed to get the lay of the land. Then, leave the car.

If the player is interest in romancing Panam, they should be vigilant during her dialogue here. The correct choices are "We'll find Mitch" and "Stay in the car, you're hurt."

From their scouting, the player will likely notice the area is heavily guarded. Stealth is usually recommended in this case. However, if they're more interested in smashing through, who are we to stop them? Either way, locate the AV Emergency Control panel and disable it while you wait for Panam to inevitably catch up.

Upon opening the next hatch, V and Panam will discover Mitch being held hostage by a Kang Tao pilot. The player can choose to kill him outright or get answers from him about Hellman and then kill him—either way, he's got to go.

Again, those interested in romancing Panam have dialogue to choose here. The correct lines are "I gotta get Hellman, will you help?" and "I’ll help you settle the score with Kang Tao.”

If the player managed to get information from the pilot, they'll be able to head straight for Hellman. If they didn't, they'll need to track him down and battle their way out of the area toward a gas station. Now, the battle can really begin.

Hellman is upstairs on the second floor of the station which is only accessible via the garage. This place is infested with enemies, so it may be beneficial for the player to plan out their route beforehand. The rest is self-explanatory—beat up the bad guy, place a call to Takemura, and carry Hellman into the garage to be picked up.

Saul will arrive while V speaks to Mitch and Panam. He'll be upset, of course, so it's important that the player is prepared to react during a timed event so V defends Panam. Otherwise, it's goodbye Aldecalos and hello Sunset Motel with Hellman as a captive. Eventually, Takemura will show up and interrupt V's investigation to take over.

The quest completes once V steps outside to speak with Johnny. If the player made the right dialogue options and have a V that suits Panam's tastes, they'll get the side job "Riders on the Storm."