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Life is Strange: True Colors Food Order: What Did Duckie and Diane Order?

Photo courtesy of Square Enix

Life is Strange: True Colors' food order problem is already messing players up.

After years of waiting, Square Enix finally released Life is Strange: True Colors. Fans have eagerly awaited the franchise's latest installment since Life is Strange 2 came out in 2018. Now, with a whole new game to explore, fans are wasting no time digging in. Though with that exploration comes roadblocks, and one of the biggest ones so far is when Alex, the main character, must remember Duckie and Diane's food order at Jed's Bar. For players that completely spaced the pair's order, here's what they requested.

Life is Strange: True Colors Food Order

Ducky and Diane's food order in Life is Strange: True Colors is pretty basic, all Duckie would like is a cheeseburger with mushrooms while Diane wants a pie special with fries. Their request is an easily forgettable moment. After all, players are not made aware they need to remember the order until after they have left the two alone and returned to Jed who asks Alex what they want. While Duckie also includes his drink order, his usual, Jed doesn't ask for players to remember that, making it unimportant.

Life is Strange: True Colors Alex Jed's Bar Food Order
Life is Strange: True Colors sees a grieving Alex take up a job at Jed's Bar / Photo courtesy of Square Enix

Getting their order wrong doesn't require players to redo the scenario or cause any huge, immediate consequences. Players should still strive to get the order correct, as it pleases Jed and forms a stronger trust between him and Alex, further developing their relationship. In a game where different choices lead to different scenarios and impressions matter, getting on Jed's good side early could prove crucial.

Life is Strange: True Colors is now available on Google Stadia, PC, Playstation, and Xbox systems. The Nintendo Switch version of the game will release later this year at a date to be announced.