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Life is Strange: True Colors Jukebox Game: How to Make Alex Win

Photo courtesy of Deck Nine

Life is Strange: True Colors' jukebox game is meant for players to start their romance road for Steph.

Life of Strange: True Colors has been met with widespread praise from fans and critics alike. As players dive into the town of Haven Springs, mysteries and missions quickly arise. Not the entire game is bogged down in missions and mysteries though, as players can explore the town and play small games.

One of the fun games players can play is a jukebox guessing game with Steph, a potential love interest of Alex, at Jed's Bar. Steph chooses a song and if Alex gets it right then Steph must take a shot of disgusting-sounding Bedazzled Kiwi Schnapps. If Alex guesses incorrectly, then she will have to take the shot. Here are all the questions players should ask to ensure Alex wins.

Life is Strange: True Colors Jukebox Game

In order to guess the song correctly, players will have to ask a specific series of questions to narrow down the choices. Before beginning the game players should sift through the potential song options and familiarize themselves with them. Once the game begins, the right questions to ask are as follows.

Players should first ask if the band name has a symbol in it, which it does. Following that players can ask about the song title and will want to ask if it is four words or more and then ask if it contains a curse word. The answers to those questions are yes and no respectively. Regarding the cover art of the song, players will want to ask if there are people on the cover, which there are none. Finally, on a much more personal level, ask Steph why she likes the song. Steph will tell Alex that she finds the song title interesting and that it makes her laugh.

Life is Strange: True Colors Jukebox Game
Life is Strange: True Colors require players correctly identify songs on a jukebox / Photo courtesy of Square Enix

If players ask all these questions and kept close track of the answers then only one option should be left: Kiss Up and Shut Me by the F*ckadelics. Players merely need to choose this option and Alex wins the game and forces Steph to drink the shot of Bedazzled Kiwi Schnapps. This moment shows the bond between Alex and Steph seemingly deepen. In a game where small decisions and relationships carry a big impact, this shared moment between the characters is important.

Life is Strange: True Colors is now available on Google Stadia, PC, Playstation, and Xbox systems. The Nintendo Switch version of the game will release later this year at a date to be announced.