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Lil Gator Playable Platforms Listed

Playtonic Friends

Playtonic Friends' new title, Lil Gator, is on its way. First announced in 2021, Lil Gator is a casual adventure game focused on low-pressure gameplay. Here are all the platforms it will be playable on at its release.

Lil Gator's story follows a small alligator exploring an island with unique characters and locations to meet and discover. While combat is a feature in the game, Playtonic Friends has noted that the game will not have health bars in an attempt to lessen the stress of difficulty. Instead, the game will revolve around different quests to complete, characters to make friends with, and cosmetic items to craft and equip.

Additionally, the game was featured in the Wholesome Games Direct showcase in June, where the game's cute and relaxing atmosphere was highlighted. Also featured in-game is a playground in which you can rest and invite characters you've met to spend time together.

Lil Gator Playable Platforms Listed

Lil Gator will be playable on PC and Nintendo Switch, with both versions purchasable for $19.99. Starting on Dec. 1, the game will be discounted on Steam to $13.99, and the same discount will apply to the Nintendo Switch version on Dec. 5.

Lil Gator will release on Dec. 14.