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Lil Gator Release Date Information

Playtonic Friends

Playtonic Friends, the developing team of Yooka-Laylee, has a new game on the way. Lil Gator is a casual adventure game following the journey of a small alligator through an expansive island. Here's what you need to know about its upcoming release date.

Featured in the Wholesome Games Direct, Lil Gator is a "no-pressure" adventure game without any health bars or difficult challenges to worry about throughout your playthrough. While there are several quests to complete and items to craft, there are also unique characters to meet on the island to meet, make friends with, and play with. Arts and crafts supplies found throughout the island can be used to make cosmetic items, weapons, and more.

The game is also movement and action-focused, and unique abilities will aid in the gator's journey around the island, such as a ragdoll ability to shield you from falls and pebble projectiles to aim at hard-to-reach enemies.

Lil Gator Release Date

According to Lil Gator's Steam and Nintendo Store pages, its planned release date is Dec. 14. It is available for preorder for both PC and Switch for $19.99.

The game will be discounted at $13.99 on Steam starting on Dec. 1. The Switch version will see the same discount on Dec. 5.