Lil Whip Fortnite Lyrics Explained

Image Courtesy of Epic Games

Lil Whip, a well-known Fortnite character presented in the likeness of an anthropomorphized ice cream cone, has a new song and dance.

Lil Whip has been well known to Fortnite players since February of 2019. This week, Fortnite announced the arrival of a Music Pack themed around him. The Music Pack, available in the Item Shop for a price of 200 V Bucks, includes an undeniably hilarious dance as well as an incredibly addicting song. The lyrics of that song are arguably sexual in nature. Listen below at your own risk.

Lil Whip Fortnite Lyrics Explained

Like any good hip-hop song these days, the tune is made up mostly, of a catchy chorus.

The song begins:

“MMMMMMM/ Lil Whip, Lil Whip Lil Whip/ MMMMMMM/ Take your pick/ Take a lick/ Just like this/ MMMMMM/ Whip it up / Lil Whippin’ in your cup/ MMMMMMM/ Lil Whippin’/ Dripping flavor/ That’s what’s up. MMMMMMMM”

Although the song's lyrics have yet to be fully deciphered, you can get the point. Some online are finding it unbearable, while others can't get it out of their heads. Others still, such as Twitter user @Switchtosml are ironically calling the song, "Peak music."

Either way, the fans are having fun and engaging with the content, which is absolutely the outcome Epic wanted. Don't be surprised if, the next time you drop into the Fortnite Battle Island, you see and hear this unique display taking place.