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LiLuo Crowned TFT Gizmos & Gadgets World Champion, Details for Set 7

Photo courtesy of Riot Games

The Teamfight Tactics World Championship took place over the weekend, marking the beginning of the end for Set 6. After three days of competition, with exciting wins for some and devastating losses for others, Teamfight Tactics can now begin looking ahead to what lies in store for Set 7.

TFT Gizmos and Gadgets World Champion

LiLuo, a competitor from China, took first place in the World Championship over the weekend, winning a $48,000 prize as well. The final match, the one that resulted in his victory, saw the use of an 8 Bodyguard comp, which has been referred to as an "Exodia" comp. This is in reference to the Exodia cards from Yu-Gi-Oh when a player is able to get five Exodia cards on the field, they automatically win the game.

An Exodia comp, then, is used to refer to team comps that are near unbeatable when achieved. 8 Bodyguard is an extremely rare comp to obtain, and it is no surprise it was able to help LiLuo secure his win.

Set 7 Details

We still don't know that much about Set 7, but what we do know, as revealed in a tweet from the TFT Twitter Account, is that is called Dragonlands. With this in mind, we can probably expect to see champions like Shyvana and Aurelian Sol make an appearance in the upcoming set, alongside characters with skins from the Dragonmancer, Dragon Slayer, Dragon Trainer, and Dragon Master skin lines.

Dragonlands will go live with Patch 12.11, and it will appear on the PBE starting on May 24.