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Limited-Edition Gucci Xboxes to Sell for $10,000

Only 100 Gucci Xbox Series Xs will be sold.
Only 100 Gucci Xbox Series Xs will be sold. / Photo courtesy of Microsoft/Gucci

Italian luxury fashion brand Gucci has revealed the design of a limited series of Xbox Series X consoles it plans to sell for $10,000 a pop.

As chip shortages and supply line disruptions continue to drive up unsatisfied demand for the Xbox Series X, those willing to shell out big time for a unique version of the console will have a new target to chase.

The console itself is emblazoned with a laser-engraved pattern meant to present "an evolution of the original Gucci Rhombi design from the '30s," in which the "GG pattern becomes a wordplay—not only representing Guccio Guccio's initials but also the gaming phrase 'Good Game,'" per a press release.

The bundle also includes two black Xbox controllers with the trademark Gucci stripe along their left grips, an Xbox Game Pass subscription of unspecified length and a Gucci carrying case for the whole package.

Gucci will sell just 100 of these hand-numbered consoles at a few high of its most high profile stores, including the Wooster Street location in Manhattan, the Gucci Circolo in Milan, and the Shibuya location in Tokyo, starting Wednesday, Nov. 17.