Link in Overwatch: Fan Creates Awesome Trailer of Hyrule's Hero in Overwatch

Link in Overwatch is a new fan-made trailer that was posted via Vimeo on Thursday. With the game coming soon on the Nintendo Switch, it seems that fans would like to see the Hero of Hyrule make his debut in Overwatch.

The trailer was posted by a Vimeo user named Stéphane Videlo, who, along with some friends, created an amazing depiction of Link if he were in Overwatch. The trailer showcases how Link would like like in several highlight intros, some of which include his signature Great Spin Attack, as well as the iconic animation that plays when Link opens a chest in The Legend of Zelda series.

Link in Overwatch: Fan Creates Awesome Trailer

Every single little detail in the trailer, from the textures to the designs, are extremely accurate to how Link is depicted within Nintendo's games. What's incredible is that that this short trailer took the effort of five people to make. The people involved with the trailer were Jeremy Vitry, Aaron Walker, Stéphane Videlo, Philemon Belhomme, and Etienne Pov.

While it is extremely unlikely that Link will actually be added to the Overwatch roster, at least this trailer gave us a good idea about how he would look like in the game.

Photo courtesy of Stéphane Videlo