Link's Awakening Update Includes New Chamber Dungeons

A Link's Awakening update this week not only enhanced the visuals of the Game Boy classic, but also introduced a new feature: Chamber Dungeons. Here's how to play with this new Switch remake exclusive mode.

Link's Awakening Update: Chamber Dungeons

Inspired by Mario Maker, Chamber Dungeons are a sort of "Zelda Maker" where you can craft your own dungeons to play or share. To access Chamber Dungeons, you have to have completed the second dungeon, the Bottle Grotto. You also need to save BowWow the Chain Chomp. Then, you have to go Dampe's House, where he'll walk you through chamber dungeons.

To get started, there are dungeon creation challenges you can complete to get a feel for how to make Chamber Dungeons. These are puzzles in their own right with rewards for completion.

When you complete a dungeon, you can also talk to Dampe again to receive new tiles you can use. This will let you make even more complex dungeons. You can also save dungeons to amiibo, which you can use to share with friends.

Photo courtesy of Nintendo.