Little Nightmares III: Everything We Know So Far

New characters, Low and Alone, in Little Nightmares III
New characters, Low and Alone, in Little Nightmares III / Bandai Namco and Supermassive Games

In 2017, Tarsier Studios began a franchise that intrigued players worldwide: Little Nightmares. It's known for following the adventures of small children who navigate through dark and twisted worlds inhabited by grotesque and threatening creatures. 

The first Little Nightmares game shows a little girl named Six attempting to break free from The Maw.

After building the interesting lore in DLCs, like the Hideaway, Little Nightmares II arrived in 2021. In it, we saw a child named Mono partner with Six to escape the horrors of The Pale City. 

Both games enthralled people with their environmental storytelling, disturbing images, and unsettling atmosphere. 

Now, fans of the series can dive into another nightmare-inducing adventure with Little Nightmares III.

Little Nightmares III: Everything We Know So Far

Bandai Namco, the publisher of all Little Nightmares games, officially announced Little Nightmares III on August 22nd. 

An exact release date has yet to exist, but it'll arrive sometime in 2024. Little Nightmares will also be on PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. As of writing, there's no telling how much the game will cost. 

Tarsier Studios passed the baton to Supermassive Games to create the latest Little Nightmares experience. The former developer said they were ready to move on to new ideas in 2021. Many fans believed they'd never see another sequel from the franchise again; therefore, Little Nightmares III is a pleasant surprise.

Though the latest title has a different developer, the trailer looks as grim as previous titles. Not only do The Guests make their hideous return, but new enemies, such as Monster Baby and a creature with several hands, appear.  

Luckily, players don't have to play by themselves. Gamers can run for their lives with a friend in online co-op mode. Players will choose between two new characters, Low and Alone, trying to escape the Nowhere. Each has a unique weapon: a bow and arrow for Low and a wrench for Alone.

2024 cannot come soon enough!