Liverpool's Virgil van Dijk is Set to Do Something Incredible in FIFA 19

​FIFA's Ultimate Team has offered players some insane amount of unique cards to play with. Fans are able to play with upgraded versions of their favorite players and even be try out their childhood heroes.

Every year, certain players receive a handful of these special cards because of their excellent performances on the pitch. In FIFA 19, that certain player comes in the form of Liverpool's Virgil van Dijk.

​​The Dutch international has been unstoppable for the Reds, leading the defensive to have the most clean sheets in the Premier League so far this season. His form has been critical for Liverpool as they are pushing for a shot at the PL title. If you are still not convinced about his play, here is an image that shows just how great of a player he has been this season:

Reddit user u/RedAllez took some time out to point out that the defender is one card away from being able to field an entire starting eleven of different cards. This is outright ridiculous and some of his cards are just as crazy. His highest rating is a POTY 95-rated CB card and most recent is a 89-rated ST card.

He will not doubt be able to get his 11th card by the end of the season as he will be up for contention of a POTY card.