Loba Revealed as Next Apex Legends Playable Character in 'Legacy of a Thief'

Loba is the next Apex Legends playable character.
Loba is the next Apex Legends playable character. / Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Respawn Entertainment revealed Loba would be the next playable character in Apex Legends with a Stories from the Outlands video released Thursay, promising a May 12 release date that coincides with Apex Legends Season 5's launch and confirming fan theories about her identity.

The video, titled "Legacy of a Thief," opens with Loba, a child, crying over the dead body of her father — the victim in the reveal trailer for Revenant, as theorized by Apex Legends players. From there she is raised by an anonymous foster family but becomes a master thief once an adult.

Eventually, Loba steals a teleportation device from Hammond Robotics in another tie to Revenant (Hammond is responsible for his creation).

After the Hammond job, Loba joins forces with a blue-haired, tech-focused partner. The two work together until Loba's partner finds Revenant in the Apex Games, prompting Loba to join up seeking revenge.

Although data miners have uncovered possible abilities for Loba, Respawn Entertainment has yet to confirm them.