Apex Legends

Loba's New Heirloom Possibly Revealed for Apex Legends

Photo Courtesy of Apex Legends

It seems that another legend is finally getting their heirloom. The last legend to receive an heirloom was the Winged Avenger Valkyrie and now, it is possible that Loba will be next up.

In a series of a few comic book-style images, Loba and her partner are on a mission to steal some gems. These gems are being held at a very high-end party with other extremely rich guests.

Loba and her partner split up for these gems and that is when Loba finds something that catches her eye. She finds a fan, a 'war fan.' Some of the images show that the fan once belonged to her mother. The fan was something special since Loba risks getting caught to retrieve the fan.

A trap was set up for Loba in preparation for her stealing the fan back. After a quick fire-fight, Loba is freed by her partner and she is able to walk away with both the gem and the fan.

Apex Legends or Respawn have not confirmed whether the fan will be Loba's heirloom, but we can assume. Typically the heirloom for each legend is meaningful to them. This fan seems to be meaningful to Loba and her family.

If this is Loba's heirloom, there is no timetable for when it will be released. It could be assumed that it would be released with the next collection event, which has been leaked to be Alien and Predator-themed.