Logitech G and Herman Miller Collaborate on $1,500 Gaming Chair

The Embody Gaming Chair is nothing if not sleek.
The Embody Gaming Chair is nothing if not sleek. / Courtesy of Herman Miller/Logitech G

Gaming hardware manufacturer Logitech G and office chair designer Herman Miller revealed the product of their collaboration Wednesday: the $1,500 Embody Gaming Chair. That's around $100 less than the standard Embody, which Herman Miller has sold since 20008.

Herman Miller chairs generally emphasize a fashion-forward aesthetic and ergonomics. The Embody Gaming Chair comes in a sleek black and blue color scheme and sports extra foam in the seat, copper-fused cooling foam to prevent heat buildup, spinal support, adjustable back support, and even pressure distribution across the back.

Users can adjust the height and width of the chair's arms, the seat's depth and height, and its fit along the back.

The collaboration between Logitech and Herman Miller is an unusual but potentially synergistic one. As gaming continues to grow mainstream, luxury brands increasingly try to tap into its revenue. It remains to be seen if this latest attempt will prove successful.