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LoL World Championship 2021 Semifinal Predictions

Photo Courtesy of Riot Games

The 2021 League of Legends World Championship is roaring on as the semifinals come around the corner. The first set of games will begin on Saturday, Oct. 30 with what many consider the two strongest teams facing off prematurely in DWG KIA vs. T1. The next day, Gen.G will play Edward Gaming to determine if the finals will include a team from the LPL or two LCK teams.

Coming into these games, T1 played a dominating match against Hanwha Life Esports while DWG cleanly took down MAD Lions. With both teams coming off of an undefeated playoffs so far, a lot is on the line in this matchup. Both teams want to bring home the crown for Korea while DWG is looking to defend their championship title. Of course on the other side, Faker is finally back in form and is looking to claim another World Championship to prove that he is not only the greatest of all time, but currently the sitting greatest player.

LoL World Championship 2021 Semifinal Predictions

Gen.G vs. Edward Gaming is a matchup of historical dominance for the LPL and LCK. These two regions have risen to the top as the two best regions in League of Legends, and both teams want to be able to say that they eliminated the other region. For Gen.G, a win here means that LPL is out, whereas EDG must take down Korea twice in a row to claim the title.

Our predictions for these semifinals are a tough call. Many people have arguments for any possible result, but we expect EDG to take down Gen.G and for T1 to take down DWG. The championship game may come down to China vs. Korea in T1 vs. EDG. Who will win this match is another story.

Check back after the semifinals for our prediction of the grand final.