LoLdle January 30 Answer: "I Raise My Fist to Subjugate the Living"

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LoLdle is a website that people can visit to test their knowledge on numerous League of Legends topics, which was inspired by Wordle. The website has a total of five different puzzles that participants can attempt, and the clues for each puzzle are changed on a daily basis.

Participants can choose to play games related to champion splash arts, quotes, and abilities. Addtionally, there is a puzzle that shows certain emojis that relate to a singular champion, and players must guess the champion based on the emojis. There is also a classic mode where participants try to guess a champion based on release year, lane position, and even species type.

One of the most popular puzzles is the champion quote mode, which gives players an opportunity to view a quote and enter the champion that says it. What was the answer for the LoLdle quote puzzle answer for Jan. 30?

LoLdle January 30 Answer: "I Raise My Fist to Subjugate the Living"

The quote given to players for the puzzle was, "I raise my fist to subjugate the living." This champion quote belongs to Mordekaiser and is the answer for today's clue. If players needed extra help to acquire the answer, then they could listen to the audio clue of Mordekaiser saying the quote after a set number of guesses.

Loldle is a fun and interesting website that can help League of Legends players test their knowledge about champions and lore.