London Five Transcript Mystery Object is the goal of the fifth assignment handed out by the SOS in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. It requires that a player reach level six before taking it on. Here's how to get it and advance to the next assignment.

London Five Transcript Mystery Object: How to Complete the SOS Assignment

The London Five Transcript is a transcript of a hearing given by the Ministry of Magic to discuss a motion terminating the London Five investigation. This makes the object important to Harry Potter lore, but doesn't explain how to find it.

For that, players will simply need to grind out encounters with Traces. The London Five Transcript can be found as a random drop from a Trace. Beyond that, the game provides little information, and the community has yet to pick up the slack. As far as the world knows, any Trace will have a chance to drop the London Five Transcript, so players should simply take on as many as possible in their search.

Photo courtesy of Niantic