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Lootball Madness Event in Roller Champions Explained

Courtesy of Ubisoft

The roller derby-themed "Roller Champions" is getting one of its first events in the form of Lootball Madness, a special event that's taking place in-game right now, with dedicated time slots throughout the day. This event allows you to grab some rare loot in order deck out your character with cool cosmetic items and enhancements.

Lootball Madness Event in Roller Champions Explained

Lootball madness is a new game mode introduced in Roller Champions. The event is unique in that it can only be played 1 hour a day, for each region. So for example North America can only play it from 7-8 pm EST.

In the game, you play in a skatepark where each player tries to take control of a ball until the timer runs out, fighting each other to get ahold of it. Afterwards the winner gets a special Lootball filled with goodies, such as cosmetics, currency, and emotes.

While that sounds fun, one should know that Roller Champions has been having server issues and glitches recently, with players dealing with long queues and poor performance in order to play it. So with a huge spike in players at certain times, it might not be the most stable experience, so be prepared for potential issues.