Loserfruit and Epic Delay Fortnite Skin Release

Loserfruit and Epic Games delay Fortnite skin release because of unrest.
Loserfruit and Epic Games delay Fortnite skin release because of unrest. / Image courtesy of Epic Games

Kathleen "Loserfruit" Belsten and Epic Games delayed the release of her in-game Fortnite skin release because of the civil unrest across the United States. The skin was developed as part of the Icon Series in Fortnite, and there has been no new release date announced. Leaks that hinted the skin would be released June 3 were confirmed to have been correct, but the skin is now delayed.

Loserfruit Fortnite Skin Delayed

Loserfruit spoke on the topic saying, “Me and Epic decided that it wasn’t the right time to release the skin this week. Because I think you guys know from leaks. I didn’t ever acknowledge the leaks, that it was meant to come out on the 3rd. So we decided to wait." Now players are left wondering how long the skin will be delayed.

Fortnite has a major event, Doomsday, coming very soon. It has been delayed slightly, but is currently expected to happen June 15. The season 3 release has also been slightly delayed and will begin on June 17. The new skin is likely to release on one of those two days.

Fortnite released a new "Slurpentine" skin on May 31 so the decision to delay the skin's release was likely very recent. Kathleen "Loserfruit" Belsten mentions the decision being made at 1 AM in her timezone. The appearance of the skin has already been leaked so there shouldn't be any surprises when it comes out officially.