Lost Ark Arkesia Paper Hat Chest: Can You Still Get it?

Photo by Smilegate

Lost Ark Arkesia Paper Hat Chest is part of a special Twitch drops promotion currently ongoing in celebration of the game's launch in North America, Latin America and Europe.

A special event, Legends of Lost Ark, is currently taking place on Twitch in which streamers are broken up into specific region-based teams. The three teams, North America, Latin America and Europe, are racing on Twitch to earn special in-game drops for viewers by completing in-game objectives. As teams unlock a new reward, drops are added and recycled among streamers.

One of the early rewards was the Arkesia Paper Hat Chest, giving players a cosmetic item that grants in-game stats.

Lost Ark Arkesia Paper Hat Chest: Can You Still Get it?

Unfortunately, at the time of writing, it appears the Arkesia Paper Hat Chest is no longer available to earn as a Twitch drop.

According to the Twitch campaigns, which outlines what drops are currently ongoing and available to earn, the Arkesia Paper Hat Chest is only available for PlayLostArk and AmznGTom. The Legends of Lost Ark promotion has advanced to the Helgaia Pet Chest and participating streamers are mentioned.

Also, according to the Legends of Lost Ark landing page, "Legends of Lost Ark participants will only be able to offer one Drop at a time, so check the leaderboard for a list of who has unlocked the Drops."

Perhaps later in the future the reward comes back at some point, but for now it seems playesr have missed out on the opportunity to get the Paper Hat Chest.

The next Twitch drop reward, the Neugier Gold Mount, will activate when a regional team hits 18,000 points. Team Elgasia (Europe) is currently the closest at 16,200 points. Team Petrania (Latin America) trails at 14,030 points and Team Arkesia (North America) sits in last at 13,580.