Lost Ark Beta: Is There One?

Lost Ark Beta
Lost Ark Beta / Photo courtesy by Smilegate

Lost Ark Beta will be released this summer for players that have signed on.

Lost Ark is coming to North America and Europe in Fall 2021, offering exclusive packages to get players started early on their journey. These packages include beta access early this year.

Lost Ark Beta

The Beta will be released not just for players that have purchased Lost Ark Founders Pack but for players that have also signed up on their website. After signing up with a new account or current amazon profile, players will get a chance to be selected to test out the beta version of the game. If selected, players will have to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) which includes the following:

  • No footage
  • No capturing
  • No discussions

These are some examples when admitted to the alpha and beta versions of the game.

The closed technical alpha access is now live but it does not guarantee closed beta access, "If you are granted access to the Closed Beta, you will receive another Steam key and information on accessing the Closed Beta." Smilegate comments on their forums. The beta test will be later this summer after the closed technical alpha access closes. This test is focused on analyzing how servers will run for the western part of the world, developers want to make sure fans have a smooth experience and have a great time enjoying a game when it is released this fall.