Lost Ark Classes Tier List for PVP

Photo courtesy of Smilegate

If you’re coming into Lost Ark from another MMO or action RPG, you may be leaning towards a class that fits an archetype with which you are already familiar. Although each of the five available classes has its own set of subclasses, each with its own differences and intricacies, they all share a general class identity that will appeal to a certain type of player.

For quick reference on the best classes in Lost Ark, we’ve created a list of the best classes for PvP in Lost Ark. Here are our picks.

Lost Ark Classes Tier List for PVP

S Tier: Bard / Deadblade / Deadeye

The Deadeye class has a great arsenal of weapons, including a double handgun, shotgun, and rifle. The Deathblade Assassin class uses a total of three swords that it wields alongside the power of chaos to swiftly slash their foes, so this class is great for those who love slicing and dicing at a fast pace. Bards are our favorite healing class; despite their lack of power, their healing is very valuable.

A Tier: Paladin / Gunlancer / Gunslinger / Sorceress / Wardancer

The Paladin and Gunlancer classes are great Warrior classes, and are useful for those who enjoy working the strong, tank-like role, sacrificing agility for power. The Gunslinger provides a combo of swiftness and a great arsenal of weapons to take other players down from close, medium or long range. Wardancers can store up elemental energy to unleash in devastating attacks and gravity-defying maneuvers. Lastly, the Sorceress has great magical powers to take out multiple enemies at once, but the healing abilities of the bard is the one thing that edges the class over the Sorceress in the Mage category.

B Tier: Striker / Soulfist / Sharpshooter / Shadowhunter / Berserker

Striker and Soulfist are solid Martial Artist classes, each with abilities to take on enemies from close range or from a distance with aerial attacks. Berzerkers are great for straight-ahead overwhelming power, however, sometimes their immobility is a bit detrimental to them, keeping them from the A tier. The Sharpshooter is cool if you can work a bow, otherwise, it doesn't have the same strength as the other Gunner classes. The Shadowhunter uses shapeshifting and dark powers to treat monsters to a taste of their own medicine, which is great if you can master them, but doesn't have the lure of the slicing and dicing Deathblade Assassin class.

C Tier: Scrapper / Artillerist

The Scrapper and Artillerist aren't necesarrily bad classes, but just don't match up as much to their fellow Martial Artist and Gunner classes. They're not F-tier, but they are at the bottom of our list.