Lost Ark End of 2022 Roadmap Revealed

Amazon Games

Amazon Games has revealed its End of 2022 roadmap for Lost Ark, outlining the updates set to head to the MMO through to the end of the year.

While the Rage with the Machinist update recently added a variety of new content to Lost Ark, players will no doubt be keen to know what's on the way for the rest of the year. As we move into the holiday season, Amazon Games will be adding a whole host of events, adjustments, and other key content in October, November, and December.

Below, we've detailed the highlights of what players can expect to be added in the months to come. Amazon Games has noted that their roadmap isn't exhaustive and a full list of new content, cosmetics, balance changes, events, bug-fixes, and more will be revealed via their official social channels. Descriptions for the following content has been taken from the Lost Ark End of 2022 roadmap.

Lost Ark End of 2022 Roadmap Revealed


New Event: Mystic Abyss Raid

The Guardian Mystic, formerly known as the Herald of Vairgrys and the Ark Carrier, has begun to cast dangerous mists from the permeated chaos and must be vanquished in this new, limited-time Abyss Raid. During the Abyss Raid event, 'Scale of Harmony' is applied, changing character stats to match the Guardian's level. Item Level 1302 or higher is required to battle Mystic, and an abundance of weekly rewards await those who rise to the challenge.

Vykas Legion Raid Inferno Difficulty

The Inferno difficulty is all about proving you’re among the best of the best in Arkesia, and earning prestige. Rather than chasing the normal rewards of gear, materials, and everything else you’d receive in a Legion Raid, Inferno rewards instead showcase your victory with titles, achievements, Stronghold structures, and more. ‘Scale of Balance’ is applied, and the raid requires use of the Book of Coordination, so everyone’s gear is normalized against the level of your Legion Commander opponent. Entry into the Vykas Legion Raid Inferno difficulty will require Item Level 1460.

Achates Trial Guardian

A challenging experience akin to the Inferno difficulty of Legion Raids, the Achates Trial Guardian Raid can only be entered after setting up your build through the 'Book of Coordination'. If defeated, prestigious rewards of achievements and a Legendary Title will be earned by the vanquishing party to award prestige and celebrate their hard-fought victory.

Other Key Content

Arkpass Season 2, Neria’s Wardrobe Halloween Edition, the continuation of the September progression events, and Competitive Proving Grounds Season 2 will kick off at the end of the month.


Reaper Advanced Class

Reapers are true Assassins, and masters of stealth. From powerful back-attacks inflicted by their daggers to misleading opponents by vanishing and summoning clones, Reapers have a variety of tools at their disposal to vanquish whatever threat crosses their path.

Other Key Content

  • Tripod Transfer System Improvements which guarantee the transfer Tripods through a new “Amulet” material used for applying Skill Tripods, bring new notification improvements, Skill tree guide quest improvements, and add a Skill Tree Transfer mission in the 'Training Area'.
  • Balance Update including: changes to the Legion Raid Hallucination Gear Set Effect , class balance updates to the Berserker, Destroyer, Scrapper, Soulfist, Glaivier, Artillerist, Sharpshooter, Gunslinger, Machinist, and Arcanist.
  • Stronghold Improvements, such as Interior decorations, a new Trophy System & Trophy Room, Gifting, the ability to place mounts & pets, Structure placement updates, new Jukebox music, HUD improvements and new mini-games.

The Mystic Abyss Raid Event will continue through the beginning of the month.


Summoner Advanced Class

Amazon Games

Despite their delicate constitution, Summoners are a force to be reckoned with in any battle. They call forth elemental spirits to fight for them, each with their own special skills to help the Summoner shine in every situation. With a powerful variety of water, lightning, earth, and more unique attacks, the Summoner is a welcome addition to the roster of available Mage Advanced Classes

Brelshaza Legion Raid

Face Brelshaza, Commander of the Phantom Legion in an immersive and challenging 8-player Legion Raid spanning 6 unique gates and encounters. Gates work differently and the Item Level requirements rise every two gates. Similar to the “Midnight Circus: Encore” difficulty of the Kakul-Saydon Legion Raid, an easier difficulty is available for players to practice the difficult encounters and mechanics.

  • Phantom Astalgia: Déjà Vu - Item Level 1430
  • Gates 1 & 2 - Item Level 1490
  • Gates 3 & 4 - Item Level 1500
  • Gates 5 & 6 - Item Level 1520

Caliligos Guardian Raid

Amazon Games

Caliligos is the master of lightning, commanding blue lightning to bring his enemies to their knees. His wings are as swift as wind, and the power of blue thunderbolts concentrate in his horn, sharper than any spears, to pierce the hearts of his enemies. As a ruler of the skies, he was worshipped in the past as a god. But Caliligos is no god— he’s a cruel ruler of the sky and a ruthless guardian. Caliligos will join the gauntlet of Level 6 Guardians. The Item Level requirement to challenge Caliligos is 1490.

Other Key Content

Higher level South Vern ‘Void’ Chaos Dungeons, and Hard T3 Cube & Boss Rush activities (Item Level 1490) will arrive along with Neria’s Wardrobe Pajama Edition, a festive Holiday Event, and a new accessory type— the Bracelet, which can be earned from the Brelshaza Legion Raid, Caliligos Guardian Raid, and South Vern’s new Void Chaos dungeon. The Bracelet increases character stats, but doesn’t have Engravings slotted into it like other accessories.