Lost Ark Engravings: How to Get

Image courtesy of Smilegate RPG

Engravings are an important aspect of Lost Ark. Here's how to get them.

Like many MMOs and RPGs, Lost Ark features a system that allows you to add special effects to your equipment. Called Engravings, these effects alter a character's abilities or certain stats, such as raising your max MP, or dealing additional types of damage. Not every Engraving will imbue a positive effect, however. Players can also obtain Negative Engravings, which incur penalties, such as reducing attack damage.

Class Engravings can also modify Class-specific abilities, many of which can have a massive effect on the way a certain Class plays. To get the most out of your character and their abilities, Engravings are a necessary feature. Here's what you need to know in order to obtain them.

Lost Ark Engravings: How to Get

Engravings can be found on Accessories and Ability Stones and will unlock after reaching Level 27. The type of Engraving you receive is rolled randomly upon obtaining an Accessory or Ability Stone.

Engravings also work on a level system. There are three level upgrades to obtain for each Engraving, each level consisting of 5 nodes. Level one is activated after earning the first 5 nodes.

Custom Engraving allows players to apply one Custom Engraving to each ring, but to do this an Engraving must be learned. Each Engraving effect has its own recipe which can be found by reading Engraving Recipe Books. These books can be obtained through a variety of activities, including dungeons, raids, and from certain NPC merchants.

Learning an Engraving requires you to first read 20 Books of Uncommon Quality. This will grant you access to that particular Custom Engraving with +3 Points. Once Custom Engraving is unlocked, you can visit any Engraver Craftsmen NPC to purchase the service.