Lost Ark Galatur Server: How to Join

Lost Ark
Lost Ark / Smilegate, Tripod Studio

Lost Ark is now available for free on Microsoft Windows for PC users, and it features servers around the country for players to log into and battle with or against others online. In Lost Ark, you get to explore the vast world of Arkesia, as well as choose from diverse advanced classes to customize your fighting style as you battle demon legions, colossal bosses, and more in your search for The Ark.

For players who purchased the Founder's Pack, the game has been available to play since Feb. 8, however, some issues have arisen with certain servers, most recently the Galatur server (US East).

Here's everything we know about joining the Galatur server in Lost Ark.

Lost Ark Galatur Server: Is it Available?

According to Lost Ark developers, the Galatur server is currently locked down for maintenance and has yet to return.

While they work on the Galatur server and other server issues, Lost Ark devs have also added two new servers: the EU Central "Beatrice" and NA East "Elzowin." The Elzowin provides a temporary replacement server for those in the Eastern USA to still play Lost Ark, until their specific server returns.

Check out the full details of server maintenance and updates on the Elzowin server as they go live on the Lost Ark Forums, and stay tuned for updates on the server's return