Lost Ark Harmony Shard Farming Guide

"A precious fragment rarely found in certain regions of Arkesia."
"A precious fragment rarely found in certain regions of Arkesia." / Image courtesy of Smilegate RPG

After reaching level 50, Harmony Shards become an essential part of the equation for continuing your character's progress in Lost Ark.

Harmony Shards are a high-value, high-rarity end-game resource that increases the item level of your gear. To be more specific, you will need thousands of Shards to get your gear to Tier 2, let alone to the 600 item level threshold required for the continuation of the storyline. For those looking to get the most out of their character and ensure you're as well-equipped as you can be, here's a breakdown of how to farm Harmony Shards in Lost Ark.

Lost Ark Harmony Shard Farming Guide

Daily, weekly, World, and Chain quests have a random chance of giving out Harmony Shards as a reward, so be sure to get those done every time you jump into the game.

Likely the most straightforward way to get Harmony Shards is by completing Chaos Dungeons, which are available once you've completed the main story and reached Combat Level 50 and Item Level 250. Unfortunately, you can only complete them twice daily per character, but you will earn Harmony Shards as well as Disorder Crystals, which can be traded for even more shards at the Chaos Dungeons Exchange NPC in Vern Castle.

Perhaps the most reliable way to farm even more Harmony Shards fast is through completing island quests, specifically those on Serenity Isle, Toto Silver Island, Panda Island, Dreamgull Island and Shadow Island.

The Tower is another great source for Harmony Shards, but it's important to note that it's only if you clear it on an alt first. This is because The Tower only rewards Harmony Shard Pouches, which are character-bound, after you've completed it on another character.

Lastly, for those willing to break out the good old wallet, you can also visit Mari’s Secret Shop, where you can use Blue Crystals bought with real money to trade for Harmony Shards.

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