Lost Ark Iron Ore: Where to Find

Image courtesy of Smilegate RPG

Need materials? You might be wondering where to find Iron Ore in Lost Ark.

Materials in Lost Ark serve a valuable purpose. Whether you're looking to craft new weapons or make some quick cash, knowing where and how to acquire certain materials is a must-need skill. Some resources are more valuable than others, while some are common yet versatile.

One such resource is Iron Ore. While a fairly low-level resource, you'll still need to have the necessary prerequisites in order to find it. Here's what you need to know.

Lost Ark Iron Ore: Where to Find

Iron Ore in Lost ark can be found in Mining deposits or Veins. Mining is one of the Life Skills available in Lost Ark and allows players to gather all sorts of materials and resources. In order to gather Iron Ore, you'll need the right type of tool - a Pickaxe.

You'll need to complete the quest named 'Crown of Lakebar' in Luterra before you can begin mining.

Be sure to check your map in order to locate where a mining depost (or specific ore) can be harvested. Alternatively, if you wish to conserve energy, you can head to the Platinum Fields in various capital cities providing you have a Plainfield ticket.

Certain materials require players to reach a certain rank in the Life Skill before they can be found. If you're having no luck finding a certain material, you might just need to rank up a little.